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Companies That Buy Annuities

There are a ton of companies out there that buy structured settlements and annuities. It can be hard to figure out which one is best for your unique situation. The best advice I’ve ever received about structured settlement companies is to shop around. Every company has a different formula and a different bottom line that they can offer you. Also, its a common misconception that the bigger the company is, the better. This is absolutely not true! Just because they’re on TV and radio, have flashy commercials and catchy jingles, doesn’t mean their first priority is their customer. These largest companies often offer LESS than smaller companies because they use their extra money from your settlement to pay for their advertising campaigns!

Some of the companies that I have heard over and over again for having great offers, staff that are friendly and customer focused are some of the smaller ones in the industry. Smaller is a relative term- they are smaller because they’re not advertising and don’t have an enormous staff but most often, these companies are doing more business than the big guys! It pays to do your research and shop around before selling your annuity.