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Do I Have to Sell All of my Structured Settlement

One of the biggest questions we get over and over is, “Do I have to sell all of my structured settlement?” No, you don’t! If you find yourself in a jam, you can sell just a portion of the payments. We are one of the few companies that can help by purchasing life contingent payments. For some, this is too large of a risk as far as investing goes. For us, it is really more about you. We understand the feeling and we certainly understand needing cash now. We have experts who are able to give financial advice and set up a plan that is right for you. Maybe you only sell a portion of each monthly payment or maybe you sell a years worth of payments all at once. There is no one way to approach this, although many companies try to do this to help their bottom line. If you’re looking into these options, don’t feel pressured to sell all or a lot of your annuity. If the company doesn’t have your best interest in mind, forget it. It’s your money and you decide what is done with it- we just help you get it in your hands.