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How to sell structured settlement payments

We get asked a lot, “how do I sell my structured settlement payments?” We talk about a lot of things involving this process and common questions we get but here is a basic idea of how the process works and what to expect if you are considering selling your structured settlement payments.

  • First, decide that you want to sell. This can be a difficult decision to make but take all of your options into consideration before moving forward. What do you need the money for? Can it wait? Is it an urgent or emergency situation? How will you benefit from having money in your hands now?
  • Find a reputable company. Search for a company that your best interests in mind and don’t be afraid to shop around. Look for a company that is a direct lender, not just a broker- they can always offer better deals.
  • Understanding the legal process. The company you choose should be walking you through this and explain all of the necessary steps and what to expect but it never hurts to do your own research.
  • Go to court and get your transfer of structured settlement payment rights approved by a judge. You will most likely have to appear (depending on the state and county that you file in) and have to explain your reasoning for needing a lump sum of money now. As long as you can prove that you’re not endangering your financial future, you should have no problems getting approved.
  • Receive your funds. The order is approved and sent to the insurance company that services your payments. Most of the time, you can get the money the same day through a wire service.

So Do You Need Help and Advice on how to sell your structured settlement payments?

If so then please do contact us and we can help you evaluate the deal for transferring your personal injury payments. We can tell you that the money that is due in the future is worth this much to you today. The future is bright and we want to help you to ensure that your best financial interests and needs are met today.