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Same Day Cash?

Looking for cash today from your structured settlement? Well the bad news is that there is no such thing as a same day transfer. Any company that tells you otherwise you should run not walk away from. You can however receive what feels like a loan against your personal injury settlement or annuity.

What these faux “loans” are tend to be promissory’s to sell off your future annuity or structured settlement payment rights at a date down the road in exchange for $500 fast cash the same day. While things do not always pan out in your favor and there may be the detriment of receiving a haircut from the sale of your structured settlement you will be able to have enough money in a lump sum to pay for important expenses that are incurred in life.

Even when you go to the courthouse and the Judge stamps the seal of approval for transferring your annuity payments for that lump sum it still may take a few days, and in some cases weeks, for the cash to reach you. There is no instant process along the way of selling off your structured settlement payment rights. However, we are one of the only companies that offers a wire service to our customers who are approved. Instead of waiting around for a check to come in the mail, you could have money in your bank account the same day.