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Sell Lottery Winnings – We Buy Lottery Winnings

Sell Lottery Winnings For Cash In My Hand Right Away

Ready for a lump sum of cash for that lottery winner you hit the jackpot on years ago? It can be a scratch off prize winner or a powerball sized jackpot that you want your annuity at once for and we are the ones to help you obtain it. Our team of experts know exactly how to help winners like yourself to maximize your up front payment after you have won the lottery.

After you’ve won your respective state lottery you are given a choice to sell your future longer termpayment streams in exchange for a pile of cash up front. This is known as the lump sum option. We help you to prepare for your future by letting you know the typical ideas and businesses that we see as investments for those we have helped to transfer their earnings into up front cash in hand. This ranges from franchise business purchases, to investments in real estate that has the opportunity to appreciate in value far greater than the lottery annuity is going to pay off to municipal bonds. There are financial advisors who can help you as well.

If you have been lucky enough to win the lottery then you are also lucky enough to have wound up on our website.  There certainly is a little tiny bit of a learning curve that comes with such a huge financial windfall. Most winners have not had a big financial windfall like this before. For example, anyone who adopts the idea of receiving incremental payouts at the advisory of the state may end up souring a few years later as they do not like that their winnings are usually rolled into an annuity and paid out to you over a 25-30 year period.

We Buy Lottery Winnings

Looking at inflation rates over time along with the rising costs of commodities and living expenses we find it shocking that financial advisors recommend the annuity over the lump sum. While its not something you can change now you can make your future better by cashing in the lottery winnings and investing it to something that can far outpace inflation if you so choose to do a lottery transfer. Of course this all has to be preferable to what you want to do and to be in your best interest.

In matter of fact, if you have the right investments and sell your lottery winnings in exchange for a lump sum, your earnings can greatly outpace the states lottery pay out over the 25 year period.

There are many instances and reasons why you may want to sell off your lottery payments. You will have to tell us your reason and we can review the idea to ensure it is in your best interest. In fact, you can sell off a portion of your payments to invest and to see if it makes sense before selling the remainder of your payment stream. This is an option we recommend to the bulk of our annuitants.

We provide the highest level of customer service and look forward to helping you.