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Selling your Structure Settlement: Advantages and Disadvantages

There can be many advantages and disadvantages when it comes to selling your structured settlement. To think of a few, and really weigh your options, you can decide what is best for you.


  • You have cash in your hands right now, immediately
  • Money for paying bills
  • Paying off a car or mortgage
  • Have funds to further your education
  • Live a comfortable life without worry
  • Have money in your savings account or high interest yielding account but still have access to it
  • Invest into business ventures such as real estate, franchises, stocks, and more
  • Money to sit on in case of emergency


  • You could have had more money if you wait it out
  • You might need financial counseling and advice on how to handle your funds
  • You don’t have any future payments coming now so you have to ration what you have


Never let a company convince you that you have to sell your annuity. Never let anyone pressure you into a financial situation that you don’t understand or am not comfortable with. Talk to the real experts, not the people who spend all their money on advertising. The true professionals are here to help you, not to cushion their bottom line.