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Settlement Cash Advance

Sometimes you find yourself between a rock and a hard place and you just need money now. Not like, when your next settlement payment comes, not in a few weeks when you can file a petition for a lump sum, like NOW. Did you know that not a lot of annuity and structured settlement companies offer a wire service where you could receive your money today? Give us call, verify your payments with us and your insurance provider, and boom! You can have cash in your pocket in a matter of hours. We understand that life can change in a matter of seconds and you don’t have time to sit around and wait for money to fall off the tree. We can handle everything for you- we’ll even send a notary out to where you are to get the process rolling. As soon as everything is verified, which only takes a matter of minutes, we can wire you the cash you need right this instant. A lot of bigger companies in the industry don’t want to tell their customers about this option because it can be seen as risky or causes them to lose money. We understand life and we care more about our customers than if we’re gonna loose a buck. For us, its not about that. It’s about you.